All Terrain’s Experiential Marketing “Best Of” Awards

All Terrain’s Experiential Marketing “Best Of” Awards

With the Academy Awards upon us (or behind us, I’m not sure when this beast goes live – only that “Hidden Figures” deserves Best Picture and Taraji was robbed #iseeyougirl) I thought I’d take this opportunity to cast my “best of” votes for the wonderful group of masterminds who work at All Terrain. After all, the best experiential marketing agencies are ones flooded with ridiculously talented/entertaining people, and boy, do we have some gems in need of recognition.

So, envelopes please…

Brook wins Best Stories – From in-flight phone hijinks to “stripper-gate” stolen cars to deliciously awkward celeb run-ins, if you have a minute, Brook has a sh**tastic story to fill it.

Rick wins Best Games – If he can make a game out of celeb bdays, his impersonations and SCREEN CLEANER, there’s no telling what’s next. Be warned, be prepared, be entertained.

Sarah wins Best Competitor – This doesn’t mean she always wins (see above celeb bday game^^) but if there’s a chance to play for 1st, Sarah and her two-statue trophy case are in.

Janice wins Best Chef – She’s hit our kitchen HARD with everything from homemade chili (we were robbed!) to holiday-themed treats (in tins so cute you could cry) and of course, her claim-to-fame (and unfortunately named) Oreo Balls, which will live in All Terrain infamy.

Dan wins Best Brainstormer – If ideas are a dime a dozen, then Dan is drowninggg in dimes. In fact, I dare you to show me a Dan activation, add-on or plus-up that hasn’t kicked us in the face with its brilliance #Ricksnextgame

Karen wins Best Mail – While some might refer to it as “junk,” Karen recognizes (correctly so) that the oddball outreach pile invading her mailbox is actually comedic gold. Best to date is the wall-sized poster of cows. Just rows and rows of cows. No messaging, just cows.

Kate wins Best Promoter – Kate can sell you on anything; BlackBerry phones (still a thing!), McD’s fish fillets (not at all gross!), magic sweatshirts (believe it!). The list and laughs are endless.

Kelsey wins Best Deadpan – A useful skill when you’re a Sox fan in Cubs Country, your UberEATS drivers call you “Kesley” on the regular, or you just want to make people laugh ‘till it hurts.

Mel wins Best Emails – If a Mel email rockets its way to your inbox…Grab. Some. Popcorn. You’re about to be entertained by the queen of hilarious gifs, memes, one-ups and one-liners.

Alicia wins Best Handwriting – While she may not know her way around a neighborhood (we got lost travelling to an event 10 minutes away – “Does your house have a hay bale out front, Courtney?” “No, no it doesn’t”) Alicia can script you a masterpiece in her SLEEP.

Gina wins Best Presenter – No matter what Gina’s presenting – client work or her latest Insta post – prepare for a SHOW. There might be music, there might be props, there might be improvisational reenactments but there will always be respect #bowdown

Tony wins Best Parties – From booze (in-office marg machines), to swag (free chili t-shirts), to transportation (a tricked-out trolley), Tony is a one-stop shop for all things party.

Vicky wins Best At Getting Tonsils Removed – Just kidding, she’s the worstttt at that. I would go into horrific details, but you’d never make it through lunch (or more importantly, the rest of this blog). Instead, she wins Best Rebounder. Not because she’s great at basketball (or is she? #twist) but because she made it to work days after said surgery with something I can only describe as “lockjaw syndrome” #championstatus

Morgan wins Best Commuter – I’ve seen Morgan accosted by strangers on a bus (politics and the 65 don’t mix), take a face full of ground when her computer bag rag-dolled her body into the street, and win the prize for most “walk-of-shames” after missing the Washtenaw stop, all with a smile on her face #professional

Bri wins Best Early Riser – As someone who sucks at the morning game, I’m constantly amazed at Bri’s vampire-like ability to be up and at the office before the sun shows its ugly (but very necessary) face. As a result, she also wins the award for best parking spot on Grand.

Courtney wins Best Commentary – No one escapes from (or is disappointed by) Courtney’s side notes. Think you’re out of earshot? She’ll yell from left field. Think presentations are off limits? She’s already standing next to you. Think “quiet time” exists? She’s gonna break that silence with a serenade. Think she can sing? She can’t. But she will make you laugh. All day, erry day.

Holly wins Best Ordering – Whether it’s Rachel sammies, everything Amazon has ever sold, raw data (her color-coded planning spreadsheet is legendary) or people (lazy construction crews were no match) – if you need something ordered around, Holly will make it happen.

Mike wins Best Problem Solver – Also known as the MacGyver award, this goes to Mike for his uncanny ability to find solutions while others sit drooling. You might think something’s broken, organized nicely, lost forever or (in the case of any office party) decorated to your best ability – but Mike will (thankfully) prove you wrong. Every time.

Art wins Best Greeter – No matter the weather – rain, shine, snow (or in Chicago, all three, same day) – you’ll never see anyone (outside of a Walmart vest) greet you with so much genuine enthusiasm.

Blake wins Best DJ – Considering we’re subjected to top-40 country on an almost daily basis, it’s no surprise that his “DJ day” brings the most gratitude (and Kanye) to our hip-hop-starved ears.

Kathy wins Best Juggler – I don’t mean this literally, although I’m tempted to toss her a few tennis balls to see, I think Kathy is on a whole ‘nother time calendar (Polish maybe?) because the amount of last-minute design requests she destroys in a day (from client work to verrry important bday signs) is UNreal.

If anyone wants to break their trophy in half Adele-style, be my guest. I only ask that when you do, your face radiates as much pure joy as her’s did.

– Tawnia