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Allstate Brings Digital Campaign to Life and Gives LGBT Community a Platform to Speak Out

By showing their commitment to the LGBT community through live activations of the “Equality Is ______” campaign, Allstate empowered thousands of people to become their brand ambassadors.

California was the second state to allow same-sex couples to marry — and then repealed that right. While brands clamored to support the LGBT community to try to make headlines, Allstate took a different approach. Instead of just speaking out in support, Allstate gave the community their own platform to speak.

Through Allstate’s “Equality Is ______” online and social media campaign, people could share a quote, a photo or a video clip and share their vision of LGBT equality. To spread awareness and generate content, All Terrain brought the campaign to life at high-visibility events.

Allstate placed itself front and center at San Francisco and Los Angeles pride events and invited people to share their stories. People lined up to make posters and take pictures in front of a giant “Equality Is ______” sign. For each quote captured, Allstate donated $10 to a local LGBT charity. Once the photos had been uploaded online, people could share, comment on and vote for their favorites.

The live events not only generated leads for California Allstate agents, but also improved the stickiness of the campaign nationwide as attendees went online to view and share their photos. Lastly, Allstate was finally able to move the needle in how the LGBT community perceived their brand. The number of Californians who believed Allstate was committed to the LGBT community rose by 11 percent. Additionally, the campaign won a Glaad Amplifier Award for Digital and Interactive.

The lesbian, gay and transgender community tends to be skeptical of big business — especially insurance. Even though Allstate had been running pro-LGBT ads for years, the company still found it difficult to connect with the community.

Allstate needed to do more to show they cared about the challenges the LGBT community faced. Since Allstate couldn’t claim to understand what it was like to be lesbian, gay or transgender, the brand instead gave the community — and those who supported them — a platform to express themselves.

Through the “Equality Is ______” campaign, people could share what their vision of equality looked like. By moving the focus from their own brand to real people’s stories, Allstate broadcasted its commitment to the LGBT community loud and clear.

Thought to be one of the most progressive states in the country, the California Supreme Court had revoked the right of same-sex couples to marry. California was the battleground for equality and Allstate knew it wasn’t enough to simply run ads to show their support.

The team decided the most effective way to spread the word about the “Equality Is ______” campaign was through high-visibility events in the LGBT community: the San Francisco Pride Celebration & Parade and the Los Angeles Pride Celebration and Parade.

To bring the digital campaign to life, All Terrain brought out the red carpets, velvet ropes, professional photographers and a paparazzi wall printed with a giant “Equality Is ______.” People were invited to fill in the blank with a personalized hand-written message, then pose fo a photo. The photos were then uploaded to Allstate’s “Equality Is ______” website where people could like and comment on the content as well as upload their own.

Hundreds of people lined in San Francisco and Los Angeles to write a message and get their photo taken in front of the “Equality Is ______” banner. While Allstate captured double the number of leads and photos they expected to, the success continued long after the events ended.

Afterwards, as more and more people visited Allstate’s “Equality Is ______” website to vote on their favorite messages, the most popular messages moved up the page and became Allstate’s de facto public stance on LGBT rights. Instead of Allstate simply saying they supported the community, thousands of people did it for them.

More than 1,400 photos captured
More than 3,000 leads captured
The number of Californians who believed AllState was committed to the LGBT community rose 11%