Dyson Warms up to Black Friday Shoppers Waiting in Line; Product Sells Out When Doors Open

Long lines, hot chocolate, and a geodesic dome all come into play to convert bargain hunters into consumers of Dyson’s new heater.

Black Friday is an exciting event for both customers and brands. New electronics are guaranteed exposure in store circulars and advertisements. Yet with so many Black Friday promotions everywhere consumers turn, it can be hard for new products or brands to stand out from all the noise.

What’s one thing Chicagoans who stake out Black Friday deals might want (besides to be the first to get the best bargains, of course)? To be warm during their hours-long wait. Conveniently, Dyson’s new product was a heater. To drive sales of the new Dyson Hot and push the brand to the center of the already crowded conversation, All Terrain designed an event that would catch shoppers’ attention and entice them to seek out more information about the new product.

Dyson Hot began interacting with customers as they waited in line overnight. Brand ambassadors offered to hold places in line so shoppers could warm up in the Dyson Hot Geodesic Dome, grab a cup of hot chocolate and learn about the product. By the time Best Buy’s doors opened, bargain hunters had been converted to brand believers. Best Buy sold out of all 300 of the Dyson Hot units it had on its shelves.

News channels took note, too. Thanks to news coverage on NBC and ABC, Dyson reached a much larger audience than the few hundred shoppers who were standing in line.

Consumers who stake out Black Friday deals are serious bargain hunters, meaning they’re receptive to relevant, valuable promotions. Plus, with hours to kill in line, this captive audience welcomes entertainment. Lastly, shoppers who had hours to wait in line would most certainly accept any opportunity to keep warm while braving a cold winter night before doors open.

When Black Friday shoppers lined up outside the Chicago’s Michigan Avenue Best Buy, they couldn’t miss the giant Dyson Hot Geodesic Dome. Aside from catching the attention of shoppers and passersby, the igloo-shaped dome was heated — tempting, considering how cold it was and how many hours customers had yet to wait before doors opened the next day.

But bargain hunters weren’t willing to sacrifice their precious spots in line. Fortunately, they didn’t have to. Dyson brand ambassadors offered to hold customers’ spaces in line while they checked out the dome, and learn about the Dyson heater. At the entrance, brand ambassadors handed out steaming Dyson-branded mugs of hot chocolate and shoppers had the opportunity to see — and feel — the Dyson Hot in action.

Shoppers may previously not have even known such a product existed, but now they were hooked on its heat just hours before they entered a store selling that very product. Dyson’s relevancy and value to these customers skyrocketed. It was no surprise that when Best Buy’s doors opened, customers snatched up their own Dyson Hot to bring home.

The illuminated Geodesic Dome captivated the attention of shoppers, casual passersby and new stations. When they learned they didn’t have to give up their spot in line, people were eager to get warm and receptive to learning product information about Dyson Hot. With a unique experience that also provided value , Dyson was able to capture shoppers’ attention just hours before they entered the store. When the store finally opened its doors, Dyson Hot was on top of mind.

The tactic worked. Best Buy sold out of its entire Dyson Hot inventory. With media coverage on both ABC and NBC, the brand’s exposure also reached a wider group of consumers who were not present at the event.

– More than 4,900 consumer impressions
– More than 1,900 consumer interactions
– 312 Dyson coffee mugs distributed
– 300 Dyson Hot units sold (entire inventory)