The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Captures the Curiosity of Target Consumers

With highly targeted activations that tease the full Cosmopolitan “stay, eat, play and taste” experience, All Terrain engages — and converts — just the right consumers for the brand.

As The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas prepared to open in 2010, the new luxury hotel and casino had one target audience in mind: high-end consumers who seek a unique Vegas experience. Many hotels on the strip offer luxury, but the edgier and more mysterious Cosmopolitan appeals to guests who also want to explore the culinary, art and musical experiences the casino and resort offer.

All Terrain was brought on as the AOR for experiential marketing for the property. Working alongside senior management and best-in-class advertising, branding, PR and digital agencies, the team developed a comprehensive, multi-platform launch that piqued the curiosity of press and target guests alike.

From creating a real-life “slice” of The Cosmopolitan experience to the first-ever in-flight experiential marketing partnership, All Terrain’s activations ignited a huge number of PR and social media impressions and significantly increased the number of visitors to the property.

Application of Insights and Data
Using insights and data about the brand story and their goals, The Cosmopolitan and their agencies identified their ideal guests as “The Curious Class.” With culinary, digital, traditional art and music offerings, The Cosmopolitan knew their most valuable consumers would invest in memorable Vegas experiences. This curious class of consumers is willing to try a variety of new things — stay at a new hotel, try a new food or attend a new show — for the thrill and excitement of the unknown.

Since Cosmopolitan was targeting a non-traditional consumer, they needed a non-traditional launch campaign. In introducing the brand to the market, the goal was to tempt and intrigue this curious class of high-end consumers with just enough mystery so they would then visit the property to discover the full Cosmopolitan experience for themselves.

Application of New Experiential Marketing Model
All Terrain was tasked with accomplishing two goals: First, identify where The Cosmopolitan could get in front of target consumers to be most impactful. Second, concept how to engage target visitors and execute impactful, relevant-to-them experiences. ROI was measured based on loyalty membership sign ups, PR and social media impressions and property visits.

In the six months before The Cosmopolitan opened and the year following the launch, All Terrain identified events and unique opportunities across the country to engage with target consumers. Event activations included music events like Lollapalooza in Chicago, culinary tastemaker events like New York Food & Wine Festival, arts and culture events like Sundance Film Festival and sports events like the Deutsche Bank PGA Championships in Boston.

From concept to execution, All Terrain drove the strategy and success of each event. The team designed and produced all promotional products, premiums and display assets; worked with agency partners to develop and display digital content; and installed exhibits and staffed each activation with managers and brand ambassadors.

Design Experiences
All Terrain concepted and designed several experiences, then tailored each activation to match the tastes of the audience at each event. For example, U.S. Open attendees could visit a pop-up restaurant that was designed to mirror the poolside dining and entertainment experience of the The Cosmopolitan Boulevard Pool.

Other activations included “The Slice,” a mobile replica of one of The Cosmopolitan’s 3,000 hotel suites. Consumers could virtually step into the hotel and explore the property’s unique design and entertainment features.

Along with the larger sponsorships activations, All Terrain also executed campaigns to target both Las Vegas locals and tourists. After identifying air travel as the most effective platform to reach consumers en route to Vegas, a partnership with United Airlines helped The Cosmopolitan connect organically with target consumers in the right place and at the right time. This first-ever in-flight experiential marketing program targeted in-bound flights from eight major hubs. Air travelers received complimentary gift boxes with a Cosmopolitan-branded cards that offered discounts and ignited conversations among passengers.

The United partnership achieved the highest ROI of the out-of-market programs. The program generated a 85 percent redemption rate, surpassed membership acquisition by 50 percent within the first month and averaged a 2.5-minute engagement with almost 200,000 passengers. After a successful pilot, the program was extended for a year.

The other activations presented opportunities to test, learn and adapt programming to maintain the highest ROI. To date, The Cosmopolitan maintains a 95 percent occupancy rates — the highest on the strip. The brand also continues to index significantly higher on “intent to visit” among its target customer in markets after All Terrain program activations. The strategic partnership continues with on-brand programs and executions that give targeted consumers a taste of The Cosmopolitan experience, even when they’re hundreds of miles away.