Special K Pop-up Shop

Special K Pop-up Shop

Special K Sizes Women up in Inspiration Rather than Jeans Sizes

All Terrain concepts and executes the Rethink Your Jeans denim pop-up shop. The event empowers women to define their self-worth by replacing jeans sizes with words of inspiration.

Women of all sizes, shapes and ages agree on one thing. Shopping for jeans is a nightmare. Yet when you find just the right pair, it can be just the confidence boost you need to walk a bit taller and strut your stuff.

To help more women feel that perfect-fit jean confidence without agonizing over their size, Special K launched their More Than a Number campaign. Leo Burnett and Starcom tapped All Terrain’s expertise in conceptualizing and activating authentic consumer experiences to bring this campaign to life through a pop-up, live experience.

Women were invited to the event at a popular Chicago boutique, which had been transformed into a Special K-branded store stocked with custom jeans. Upon entering and perusing the racks, women realized the pop-up denim store was missing one of the things that makes jeans shopping so unpleasant: the sizes. Instead, the tags read “You’re so much more than a number.” To help customers find the right fit, stylists and Special K brand ambassadors measured women with tape measures that were printed with inspirational words like “confident,” “fabulous,” and “fierce” instead of jean sizes. Hidden cameras captured women’s reactions.

Once they left the Rethink Your Jeans pop-up store, attendees were encouraged to snap a picture in a photo booth to show off their jeans, then share their #MoreThanANumber experience with friends online. Some women commented it was the most painless shopping trip they’d ever experienced and said they hoped more events would follow because they wanted more women to be able to have the same painless and empowering experience.

Drawing on the footage from the event and the women’s powerful stories, Special K then launched a TV spot to support their nationwide More Than a Number campaign.

Under a tight deadline, All Terrain efficiently and flawlessly executed the entire pop-up shop experience. In just 10 weeks, the team designed and produced 360 pairs of custom jeans, printed and woven tags, measuring tapes, shopping bags and bandanas. In five short hours, the space was transformed into the Special K-branded denim shop, ready to delight and surprise customers.

Women lined up on the sidewalk waiting to enter, not knowing what was in store. The windows had been covered up with brown paper to keep the concept under wraps and to peak interest. At 10 a.m. the paper was torn down, the pop-up shop opened, and women entered into a seemingly normal specialty denim store.

Slowly, they began to realize this store was unlike any they had shopped in. There wasn’t a size to be found on any of the jeans. The tags simply read “You are More Than a Number.” Puzzled when they were approached by stylists with tape measures, women were surprised to learn their sizes were not numbers, but inspiring words like “incredible,” “smashing,” “spunky” and “brilliant.”

After leaving the store, women could snap a picture wearing their sassy new jeans in the photo booth and share with their friends online.

One Woman’s #MoreThanANumber Experience
The concept hit home for one woman who said she had been working with her therapist for years to help her understand that she’s more than just a number. Her dream was to one day open a clothing store that didn’t use numbers to identify sizes. To experience this idea unexpectedly was overwhelming for her. Remarkably, her organic testimonial influenced Kellogg’s tagline for the campaign.

The Rethink Your Jeans event seamlessly integrated experiential design with traditional media. Women’s authentic, memorable reactions were a perfect fit for Special K’s motivating and empowering campaign. From tears to giggles to confusion and disbelief, these women helped amplify Special K’s message nationwide.

The effective and emotional TV spot hit home with consumers across the country who were reminded that the beauty of a woman should be measured by more than numbers.

– 14,300 consumers viewed the photo booth images via social media