Stoli Prom

Stoli Prom

Stoli Invites the LGBT Community to Take Back Prom for a Night to Remember

Stolichnaya Vodka offers a second chance at the perfect prom. The highly successful event solidifies the brand as an advocate of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Millions in the LGBT community never got to experience their high school prom. Even if they did, it may have not been with their date of choice.

To kick off Pride Month and offer the entire community a second chance at the perfect prom, Stolichnaya Vodka sponsored Stoli PROMise in the Chicago Hilton Towers Grand Ballroom. Pernod Richard USA also made a large donation on behalf of Stoli Prom to Howard Brown’s Broadway Youth Center, one of the nation’s largest organizations offering health and social services to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth.

Complete with a prom committee, a romantically lit gazebo for prom photos, specialty Stoli cocktails, music by an 80s cover band, the crowning of the prom king and queen, plus celebrities and well-known ambassadors in the community who served as “prom chaperones,” Stoli Prom went above and beyond re-creating an amazing prom experience — in fact, many guests said it was even better than their high school prom.

By actively celebrating the LGBT community by hosting an event jam-packed with memorable moments, Stoli Prom established Stolichnaya Vodka as a brand that celebrated equality and was committed to causes important to the community.

Stoli Prom was not just another event sponsored by a liquor brand. All Terrain also concepted a pre-prom campaign that would naturally involve key members in the Chicago LGBT community and generate buzz. By partnering with trusted LGBT community institutions — from popular bars to organizations to local celebrities — and inviting the community to vote for their friends for prom court, the event began to engage attendees long before they set foot on the prom dance floor.

Prior to the celebration, strategic partnerships helped solidify awareness and generate interest for the event. The Stoli Prom logo and event details were front and center on the Howard Brown homepage, invitations were sent to 1,000 addresses on the Howard Brown mailing list, and All Terrain event staff handed out invitations at Howard Brown’s largest annual benefit.

Stoli Prom also partnered with 93XRT as its main radio partner. Leading up to the event, WXRT performed twelve on-air promotions for Stoli Prom. also launched a dedicated landing page at, which welcomed 3,300 visitors. Other partners drove traffic to the main Stoli Pride Page with a sweepstakes to win tickets to the event.

One month before the big night, All Terrain led 26 events that promoted Stoli Prom and encouraged attendees to enter and vote for their friends for Prom King, Queen and Prom Court through email blasts. Promotional material included Stoli-branded “I am going to Prom” and “Who are you taking?” pins and advertised the Stoli Prom signature drink, the “Prom Dress.” In total, promotional staff personally distributed over 9,000 invites at LGBT bars and community events.

When guests arrived, they were immediately swept back in time with 80s-themed bedazallement and décor. Light-up columns, bars and tables sparkled the Grand Ballroom and upbeat 80’s music brought guests out to the dance floor. Guests were invited to enjoy drinks with Stoli vodka, including the Stoli Prom Dress and Stoli Prom Tux specialty cocktails, as well as snack on high school-themed hors d’oeuvres. A professional photographer was also on hand to capture prom photos, which then lived online on the Stoli Pride Page for guests to download and print as a keepsake.

Stoli Prom provided free trolley transportation to and from the event, ensuring a safe and responsible enjoyment for attendees. When the night finally wound down — to the tune of Prince’s Purple Rain, performed by 80’s cover band Sixteen Candles — it was clear the event had been a grand success.

Stoli Prom culminated with a Stoli-themed float in the Chicago Gay Pride Parade. The float featured the Stoli Prom King and Queen and solidified the event’s presence within the community.

Stoli Prom blew past the targeted attendance goal of 400 and welcomed over 580 guests into the grand ballroom for a dance to remember. “It was magical! Beautiful setting, amazing lighting, good appetizers, and even better drinks. What better formula for a party?!” said Adam LeBlanc, the lead singer of Sixteen Candles. “Being part of the whole production was even more exciting for me, not only because I finally got to reach out to a gay audience, but my friends were there, unafraid to be themselves and let loose, taking back their prom with pride! I felt like I, also, could let my guard down completely, as a performer, and let it all hang out and the audience encouraged it! It was definitely a night to remember.”

– 4.07 million media impressions:
– 2.65 million radio impressions
– 41,000 television impressions
– 346,000 print impressions
– 40,000 podcast impressions
– 1 million online impressions

– Stoli Prom details and logo representation on 35 different web sites
– Over 1,300 consumers sipped Stoli Prom Dress specialty cocktails
– Gathered a comprehensive email mailing list of over 600 addresses throughout the program
– The Stoli Prom float was voted the best commercial float at the Chicago Gay Pride Parade