Underwriters laboratories

Underwriters laboratories

Underwriters Laboratories Safety Tour Gets the Seal of Approval from Families Across the United States

With an interactive mobile exhibit on wheels and cross-country tour, Underwriters Laboratories increases awareness about its brand and helps families learn how to be safer at home.

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) is a non-profit product safety certification organization that has been testing consumer products and writing standards for safety for more than 100 years. In one year alone, UL evaluated 20,268 types of products. The organization’s mission is to promote safe living and working environments and has been working towards a safer world since 1894.

To raise public awareness among families across the U.S. about the UL brand and to help educate consumers about keeping their home safe, All Terrain concepted, designed and managed a customized interactive mobile exhibit on wheels and cross-country tour.

If a product has the UL seal of approval, it has undergone the organization’s rigorous certification, validation, testing, inspecting and auditing process to ensure the product is safe to use — yet most consumers are unaware of what the UL logo means, and very few actually look for it when choosing which products to purchase.

Furthermore, UL wanted to educate not just consumers, but also families and children about how to keep their home safe and prepare for emergencies. All Terrain determined the best way to make the biggest impact across the country was to bring an interactive educational experience straight to the consumers.

The UL Safety Tour was a mobile exhibit of high-tech demonstrations and challenges designed to help consumers make safer decisions at home. The educational exhibit included several interactive elements such as simulations, safety-themed video games, safety videos, a family fire escape plan obstacle course and free giveaways that helped bring the message to life. The exhibit toured the United States, stopping at 79 cities in 18 months.

All Terrain worked closely with internal marketing and public relations teams at UL, coordinated public relations with UL’s global PR agency, Rhea & Kaiser and worked cooperatively with UL’s retail partner, Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores.