Our Staff

The ever-evolving consumer marketplace makes it tough for a lot of agencies to keep up. But our team thrives on change. That’s because we don’t care to do what’s already been done before. If we did, none of us would be working here.

In 1998, our co-founders Brook Jay and Sarah Eck-Thompson started an agency because they noticed the way brands were talking at people didn’t resonate with consumers. While staying true to our core mission of building meaningful brand and consumer relationships, we’ve expand-ed the agency with a mix of diversity and skills. Today, the All Terrain model thrives on the blend of each and everyone’s personality.

  • Sarah Eck-Thompson

  • Brook Jay

  • Rick Miller

  • Karen Curran

  • Holly Grosso

  • Courtney Warren

  • Dan Brice

  • Seth Gable

  • Matt Cicero

  • Art Thompson

  • Kate Boyer

  • Mike Flutka

  • Kelsey Whitlock

  • Gina-Rose Oliva

  • Vicky Cronin

  • Tawnia Seeley

  • Alicia Ogierman

  • Benny Jay

Our Office

Some companies throw a few bean bags in a meeting room, buy a foosball table and call it a day. But we’re not like some companies.

When the All Terrain team moved offices in 2012, we set out to design a new space that truly felt like “us.” Since we build innovative experiential programs from scratch, our office needed to inspire creativity and collaboration. We needed a place where it was fun to work hard and play hard.

Thanks to the help of The Somogyi Group, our office fully embodies our personality and company culture. The open floor plan and meeting spaces invite cross-team communication and impromptu problem solving, but we have plenty of quiet alcoves for when someone needs to go heads down and get sh*t done.

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All Terrain University

Our team is our key to success. We know that if we’re not learning, we risk falling behind. Since it’s imperative that we stay up-to-date with the evolving marketplace for our clients, we invest in the professional development of our staff.

In addition to online courses and informal learning opportunities, all staff members have access to All Terrain University. The curriculum includes coaching, presentation skills, client development and digital marketing, just to name a few.

We are grounded in our people, and All Terrain University is designed to maximize talent development opportunities for employees of all levels. We align courses with individual professional development plans to maximize career advancement opportunities.