Pop-Tarts – Frost Boutique

Pop-Tarts Pop-Up Event

All Terrain works with Pop-Tarts to create the Pop-Tarts x Lyrical Lemonade Experience, a one day event where fans could get back-to-school gear ‘frosted’ in a gallery-like space, interact with the brand in an ingenious way all while Pop-Tarts earned cultural cred that got influencers talking.
As part of the collaboration, Pop-Tarts created a limited-edition Lyrical Lemonade Toaster Pastry, featuring packaging designed by the Lyrical Lemonade team. Hundreds of fans lined up early in hopes to cop one of the 250 limited-edition boxes.

Within hours of the event beginning, these custom boxes began to pop-up on resale sites like ebay and grailed, with asking prices ranging from $75 to $500+. When the boxes dropped on LyricalLemonade.com the following day, they sold out in less than 90 seconds.


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